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Breaking The Fast


Breakfast Paratha Wrap
Vopt. & GF opt.

Breakfast Paratha Wrap ------------ 13

A savory tofu scramble with onions and tomatoes inspired by Indian spices, wrapped in our whole wheat "paratha", an unleavened hand-rolled flatbread, which literally means layers of cooked dough, brushed with our homemade ghee.
Add Homemade Cheese - 2

Breaking the fast Savory
Vopt. & GF opt.

Indian Savory Pancake -------------- 10

Enjoy this gluten free savory pancake prepared with authentic Indian ingredients like chickpea flour, select whole spices and fresh aromatics including: baby spinach, sliced red onions, green onions, diced tomatoes & fresh cilantro.
Garnished with homemade ghee OR coconut oil.
Vegan Option

Indian Breakfast Potatoes
V & GF

Indian Breakfast Potatoes -------------- 9

With seasonings like toasted whole cumin and fennel seeds, ground turmeric and coriander, fused with pan-roasted sliced potatoes thinly sliced onions & a touch of dry fenugreek leaf complete this unique dish.
Garnished with homemade ghee & fresh cilantro. Add Homemade Cheese - 2